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    Privacy Statement

    Opt2.net believes the right to privacy is non-negiotable. We do not sell, share, give away or pass on any of our customers information without a lawful court order of competent jurisdiction. All information we ask from you is for our billing and contact purposes only. However, if you register a domain via our subsite DomStar.com, you should be aware that all information given for domain registrations is considered public information. That policy is not ours, but of ICANN.


    Here's our cookies policy: WE DON'T USE THEM. However, some of our sponsors might. While cookies are mostly benign, we feel the unreported abuse of cookies very damaging to the online community. We reject using cookies until the public is completely aware of how they are used and abused. However, our Domain Statistics site, Domain-O-Meter uses cookies, but for statistical purposes only. No user or personal information is stored or recorded, and the cookie expires 24 hours after it's set or when you close your web browser.

    We hope this information does not keep you from clicking on any banner you might see on our page, or any of the pages we host. What we recommend is that you get some sort of "cookie monitor" so that you are at least aware of what sites use a cookie and maybe how it's being used. Here's a few places that have cookie monitoring software, and then some more info on cookies.

    Cookie Pal (What we use.)
    A good article on C|Net.

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