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Server-Side Editing

Use this method if you wish to dynamically edit your documents online. All modifications are made directly to your website. New users should use this method, as this is the preferred method.

1. Run Microsoft FrontPage Explorer
    Click your Start button, then Programs, Microsoft FrontPage
2. Choose "Open FrontPage Web..." from the "File" menu.
3. Choose the "More Webs..." button.
4. Enter your webserver name (www.opt2.net), then choose "List Webs".

5. Double-click on "<Root Web>."

6. Enter your username and password.

Once you successfully enter your username and password, the status bar on the FrontPage Explorer will indicate "Loading web...". After several seconds, you will be presented with a graphical view of your site. Create new files and edit existing files using the familiar "file explorer" interface. You can upload non-HTML files by dragging them into the FrontPage Explorer from another application.