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My email is having problems

Testing and feedback from our users has indicated that more and more ISPs and email service providers are beginning to use Blacklists in an attempt to protect their users from spam. Unfortunately, these services will occasionally mistake our servers (Opt2.net and Domstar.com) as possible sources of spam and may begin to block email from one of more of our IP addresses. This will cause email to users of those ISPs to be sporadic or to not work at all.

Any time we find that an ISP has begun to reject mail from us we do make an attempt to contact them to resolve the issue. In some cases, however, we are unsuccessful in our attempts and so we ask that their own customers let them know that they are preventing legitimate mail from getting through. Often we find that service providers are more responsive to their own paying customers in situations like these. (Or change ISP.)

Following is a current list of email service providers that we have found may be blocking one or more of our email forwarding servers. This list will be updated often to reflect our most current information and testing results.

  • Tiscali
  • optonline.net
  • Hotmail
  • Juno
  • AOL
  • RoadRunner (rr.com)
  • Charter.net
  • Comcast
  • Verizon
  • Webtv
  • Yahoo

Please note that this list is provided only as a reference and should not be considered a complete list of providers that use blacklists. Service providers change spam blocking policies often and services on this list may discontinue blacklisting while others may implement new blacklists. The best way to tell if your own service provider or ISP is using a blacklist or other spam blocking policy is to contact them directly. (Or get another provider.)

On a personal note: We are very sorry that it's come to this. As the admin of this, and hundreds of customer's sites, we receive in excess of 1,000 spam mails a day. And that's after using server side and client side spam filters which catch thousands more. So we understand their position. Utimately, the usefulness of the internet is being destroyed by the immoral and selfish actions of a few rotten apples. (92% of the spam comes from the same 2% of the people.) Most reports now put spam at 80% of all email traffic. Until something is seriously done to put an end to this insanity, all of us will get mail we don't want, while at the same time have some mail we do want blocked.