domain parking and registration domain parking and registration
Monday, June 18, 2018
domain parking and registration domain parking and registration domain parking and registration
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WebWormHole Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WebWormHole?

When you go to the starting page of WebWormHole, what you are actually looking at is a "this domain reserved" domain parking page. (Reserved Domains are domains that have been registered, but not put into use yet.) However, we feel the "under construction" or "future home of..." or "this domain is reserved" type pages are completely useless. Our motto is: No more dead ends on the information super highway. Since 30% of all visitors actually use the WebWormHole for their searching needs, we feel we've proven the concept. :-)

How'd I get here?

You typed in a domain name in your browser or followed a link for a domain that has been registered by one of our members, and "parked" here at

What is this place? is a content provider for reserved domains. Reserved domains are domains that have been registed by their owner, but not yet being used. These domains may be reserved for future use, purchased for resale, or used for a site that is no longer online. provides content in the form of the Open Directory Project and the Domain-O-Meter,TM a domain name tracking system.

What's in it for me?

If you are a web visitor that just happened in, you are encouraged to use the directory and/or search box, and use the WebWormHole like you would any internet portal. uses the Open Directory Project, or ODP for short. The ODP indexes 2 Million human reviewed sites, and in our opinion, is the best directory service on the web. It's 100% volunteer run and available to anyone who wants to take the time, energy, and effort to set it up on their site. In fact, you can become a volunteer if you want. Just click on the box at the bottom of any ODP page and you'll learn how!

If you are a domain owner, allows you to:

Can I become a member? Do I have to register my domain through you?

Anyone who owns a domain that is not being used can use our service. If your domain is already registered via another registrar, you can still use our service. All that is required is that you own the domain (it must be paid for) and it's not being used. (Being "parked" at another website is not considered being used.) If you don't have your name registered yet, we can do that for you and automatically set everything up. To register a domain name, use our parent company, by clicking here. (It's only $14.95/domain (or less). To become a member of (It's free.) just fill out the WormFormTM. .

How do I park my unused domains here?

First thing you need to do is complete the WormFormTM. Next, you need to update the DNS (Domain Name Server) entries to point to our servers. This is very easy to do. Just contact the technical administrator for your domain and give him or her the following information:

name server1:
name server2:

If registered your domain for you, we'll automatically have it setup for you. You'll just have to create your control account. (More on that in a bit).

What happens when I'm ready to use my domain?

You update the DNS to point to your new server, and here's the big payoff, you take your customers with you! All your promotion goes with your domain when you finally are ready to use or sell it. So instead of starting off a site from "square one" with no traffic, you can build traffic before you write your first html page using and then take that traffic with you when you put up your website! Build enough traffic and you could become the next Yahoo!

Have more questions? See our "More FAQ" file! :-)

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