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There are 3 recommended methods for publishing your site using Microsoft FrontPage. Please choose the best method for your situation, and carefully follow the provided instructions.

Before uploading your site for the first time, make sure to initialize your FrontPage extensions from your control panel (http://yourdomainname.com/control).

NOTE: The most common problems are encountered when Microsoft FrontPage is used to edit files, but an FTP program is used to upload them. This publishing method is not supported. There are typically undesirable interactions between FrontPage and foreign FTP clients, resulting in "missing DLL," "FrontPage extensions not installed," or other similar errors.

The FrontPage manual provides in-depth tutorials on how to use Microsoft FrontPage to publish to your site. This documentation is intended to give you a brief overview of which publishing methods are supported. For detailed documentation, please consult your FrontPage manual.

1. Server-Side Editing

    Instructions. Use this method if you wish to dynamically edit your documents online. All modifications are made directly to your website. New users should use this method, as this is the preferred method.
2. Personal Server Editing
    Instructions. Use this method if you wish to edit your documents offline (on your hard drive), uploading to your website only when you choose. You must have installed the Microsoft Personal Web Server (included with FrontPage 97 & 98) to use this feature.
3. File Location Editing
    Instructions. Use this method if you wish to edit your documents offline, but don't wish to install the Microsoft Personal Web Server on your computer. Dynamic components and web bots are not supported using this method

Helpful Hints

DO NOT attempt to use FTP to access your site if you are using Microsoft FrontPage. Doing so may corrupt your FrontPage extensions, requiring them to be reinstalled.

If you experience problems when following the provided instructions, please provide the following information to your Opt2.net support representative: FrontPage version, which method (above) you are using, exact error message(s).

Opt2.net does not provide support for Microsoft's Web Publishing Wizard (this software is not related to Microsoft FrontPage), although you may be able to configure this software properly.
I'm having trouble using Microsoft FrontPage.
ID:1117 [Tue Aug 25 08:36:31 1998]

    If you are having problems using Microsoft FrontPage to publish your site, or problems with the Microsoft FrontPage extensions, please read this document complete and our FrontPage FAQ. The three most common problems are:

    1. failure to install the FrontPage extensions
    2. failure to use one of the the supported upload methods (as described in the tutorial)
    3. damage to the extensions by using FTP

    If you believe your FrontPage extensions have been corrupted, or your FrontPage extensions are not functioning properly, please ask us to verify the functionality of your extensions. Opt2.net will use the Microsoft FrontPage Check/Verify feature to verify the proper operation of your extensions, and will fix any errors found by the Check/Verify feature. If you continue to experience problems, please contact Microsoft Technical Support (see below).

    Opt2.net does not provide technical support for the Microsoft FrontPage product. Free technical support is available through Microsoft via phone and email. To access standard no-charge support for Microsoft FrontPage:

    In the U.S.: (425) 635-7088
    Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. Pacific time, excluding holidays

    In Canada: (905) 568-3503
    Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, excluding holidays

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